Opportunities for College Students Sonoco takes pride in providing opportunities and developing college students and recent graduates. Whether you are just starting your journey or looking to gain some new skills to advance your career in manufacturing, Sonoco has the right opportunity for you. Learn more about our internship program and Emerging Leader Program today!
You May Know More About Us Than You Realize
Did you know that you probably touch our products every single day? That's because Sonoco is responsible for making much of the packaging you use daily!

As a global leader in packaging since 1899, we're part of the supply chain for everything from candy to drink packaging to industrial materials and consumer electronic packaging. Some of our many products include paper cans for stacked chips, cookie packaging with resealable lidding, and reels & cores for construction.
Sonoco's Internship Program
Sonoco internships immerse students in the manufacturing and packaging industries. Students spend the summer working in a division on impactful projects, learning about Sonoco’s culture, and gaining business knowledge and leadership skills.

Benefits of Sonoco's Internship Program include:
  • 12 weeks of hands-on experiences and opportunities
  • Gain a better understanding of future potential at Sonoco
  • Potential to join the Emerging Leaders Program or entry-level positions upon graduation
  • Available at approximately 150 locations in 34 states across the U.S.
  • Activities with other interns and Emerging Leader associates
  • Housing and activity allowances provided
  • Relocation assistance provided

Sonoco’s internship program is designed to be a stepping stone into an Emerging Leader Program Full-Time Associate role. Scroll down the page to learn more about Sonoco's Emerging Leader Program. 
Featured in Untapped's 2022 'Top 75 Internship Programs' “Sonoco is an excellent place for students seeking a long-term career that begins with an internship. And the proof is in the pudding, with 21% of their leadership team coming from their intern or training program. Their 12-week internship program is meant to give an inside look into working at Sonoco, similar to what it is like for a full-time associate. They help interns with relocation and housing costs, as they know a student’s budget can be smaller. In addition, they provide interns with opportunities to be involved in Diversity & Unity groups and other activities throughout their internship.” 
Sonoco's Emerging Leaders Program

Sonoco’s Emerging Leaders Program (ELP) is a selective program designed to identify Sonoco’s next generation of business leaders. The ELP has been at Sonoco for more than 40 years, and the majority of our business leaders began their career at Sonoco in the Emerging Leaders Program. There are two types of positions within the ELP: summer internships and full-time opportunities. ELP summer internships at Sonoco are approximately 12 weeks in duration, project-based and hands on so students can gain real world experience and provide meaningful ROI for both Sonoco and our interns. ELP full-time positions are more than just a first full-time job at Sonoco - for the first 12-18 months of their employment with Sonoco, ELP full-time associates have additional, built-in access to team building activities with their cohort, dedicated mentorship, and ongoing leadership development programming. Our diverse portfolio of businesses provides opportunities across our multiple business units, integration into Sonoco’s culture, and the opportunity to make a true impact from day one. Wherever your path ultimately leads you at Sonoco, through the Emerging Leaders Program your future at Sonoco starts here!

Hear From A Few of Our Current and Former Emerging Leaders

Kayla Bingaman
Kayla Bingaman Current ELP Rigid Paper and Closures Marketing Associate. Clemson, BS. The Emerging Leaders Program is being surrounded by diverse individuals who have given me the opportunity to grow personally and professionally within the organization. The ELP program has provided me with meaningful opportunities for hands on learning and equipped me with a multitude of leadership skills enabling me to be a well-rounded future leader at Sonoco.
Arnold John
Arnold John Former ELP Manufacturing Associate, Current Tubes and Cores Production Manager in Hartsville, SC. North Carolina State University, BS. The ELP has given me the opportunity to lead projects and fill in roles that not only developed my skillset but allowed me to feel valued as an employee. This experience has only gotten better with time, and you can feel the support and drive to achieve more from those around you.
Delaney Anderson
Delaney Anderson Current ELP Flexibles Account Representative in Charlotte, NC. Clemson, BS. The Emerging Leaders Program was a big reason I was so excited to join Sonoco in 2021. I knew ELP was distinct in its mission to develop the character and confidence of recent graduates. ELP goes beyond leadership training by opening doors for internal networking and career opportunities. The program highlights the importance of servant leadership coupled with an understanding of self. The servant leadership principles are reinforced by current Sonoco leadership living out these ideals. I’m thankful for the opportunity to learn from and, hopefully, emulate the leadership I’ve had the opportunity to interface with during my time as an Emerging Leader.
Maria Foley
Maria Christenberry Former ELP Quality Associate, Current Packaging Engineer Lab Manager in Nashville, TN. Michigan State, BS. I chose to work for Sonoco because I was impressed by their positive interactions and because my core values aligned with the company. Sonoco was working with me and my National Guard commitments.
Steven Lopez
Steven Lopez Current ELP Ends and Closures Shift Supervisor in Memphis, TN. Clemson, BS. Sonoco is dedicated to developing future leaders. The ELP program has provided me with opportunities to grow and succeed in my leadership roles. Sonoco’s dedication to putting people first ensures the success of young professionals like myself to develop skills vital to become an effective leader. I chose Sonoco because I believe in their mission to provide a safe environment for their employees, consumers and local communities.