College Opportunities/Apprenticeships 

Are you a recent graduate or a student seeking hands-on experience in the packaging manufacturing industry? Sonoco offers exciting college opportunities, early career programs, and apprenticeships designed to help you kick-start your professional journey.

Through our programs, you'll have the chance to work with seasoned professionals, gain valuable insights, and contribute to real projects that impact our business.

Early Career Programs at Sonoco include:
  • Internships in various departments​​​​​​​
  • Emerging Leader programs with tailored development paths
  • Apprenticeships in technical roles
  • High School Co-op opportunities to gain practical experience

If you're eager to learn, grow, and make a meaningful impact early in your career, explore our College Opportunities, Early Career, and Apprenticeship programs at Sonoco.

Average time to apply for College Opportunities/Apprenticeships roles (last 90 days): 5 minutes 53 seconds.