Sonoco Apprenticeship Program
Start a lifelong career with the world's most admired packaging company!

At Sonoco, the growth & development of our associates is a top priority, so we are pleased to offer a variety of apprenticeship opportunities across the organization. An apprenticeship combines academic and technical instruction with paid work experience to prepare associates for a career in advanced manufacturing. Join our apprenticeship program today to learn from industry experts and quick start your career!
You May Know More About Us Than You Realize
Did you know that you probably touch our products every single day? That's because Sonoco is responsible for making much of the packaging you use daily!

As a global leader in packaging since 1899, we're part of the supply chain for everything from candy to drink packaging to industrial materials and consumer electronic packaging. Some of our many products include paper cans for stacked chips, cookie packaging with resealable lidding, and reels & cores for construction.

Discover Our Apprenticeship Programs

With an apprenticeship, you start with a job and build a career. Sonoco offers four different apprenticeship program paths. We’ll help you identify which one is the right fit for you! Apprenticeships are available at a variety of Sonoco locations across the United States.
Youth Apprenticeship
For High School Juniors or Seniors
Professional Apprenticeship
For Current Technical School Students, or those that will be attending
Fast-Track Apprenticeship
For recent Technical School Graduates
Career Change Apprenticeship
For current Sonoco Team Members looking to make a career change

Hear From Our Apprentices

"The Sonoco apprenticeship program allowed me to explore many different areas of the manufacturing field and has given me the opportunity to learn from many individuals! I am currently a manufacturing automation controls specialist on the Sonoco Automation Team and the apprenticeship program helped me realize that I enjoy automation and robotics. I cant wait for my future with Sonoco and automating the future of manufacturing!"
Parker Kirven,
Manufacturing Automation Controls Specialist
Hartsville, SC
"I have enjoyed the apprenticeship program immensely! I learned so much about maintenance at this shop. I learned welding, got comfortable with using power tools, learned a ton about the company, and even got to go to school for diesel technology. I think the schooling I received was one of the biggest benefits, but it was also great to already be in the job and learn what was expected of me.

My time as an apprentice has given me the skills to do my job confidently, and grown me into the maintenance tech I am today."
Susanna Boysen,
Maintenance Technician Apprentice
Winston Salem, NC Recycling
"Sonoco Recycling has helped me through so much in the apprenticeship program with everything- books, supplies, tuition the list goes on and on. It has opened up opportunities through my career as far as moving up in positions and meeting new people and working alongside of some great colleagues to further my experience. It's by far a memorable experience to go through and I look forward to the journey of new doors opening due to the apprenticeship program. The program has given me the opportunity to take leadership classes and become a member of the NSLS, along with giving me technical experience with programming and troubleshooting which will cross over into everyday work in the recycling division."
Vincent Dana,
Maintenance Mechanic Level III
Columbia, SC Recycling
"Sonoco's Apprenticeship program helped me grow as a maintenance technician and robotics technician. I’ve had the ability to do “On Job Training” (OJT) with all kinds of work- electrical, mechanical, and robotics. Sonoco has many mentors and people to help you learn and prepare you for your career. Sonoco is a great company to work for to grow and become successful."
Neil Martin,
IMRT Apprentice III
Darlington, SC ISI Complex

Hear From Our Leaders

"Our apprentices are our FUTURE! 
I have been so impressed with the talent of apprentices coming into the company across the globe and it gives me a sense of comfort that Sonoco will be in good hands for years to come. I would have loved to have gone through a program like this early in my career because they’re getting to experience many things hands-on while also gaining valuable leadership and soft skills."

Andrea White
Staff VP of Global Operational, Commercial Excellence and Talent

"In keeping with our founding belief that “people build businesses”, finding and investing in people via our apprenticeship program is the core of what will sustain and grow this great company for the next 125 years."

Palace Stepps
Vice President / General Manager - Paper Products & Fiber Supply
"I believe valuable team members can become even more valuable. Sonoco's professional apprenticeship program helps employees grow their current skills and develop additional ones."
Russell Grissett
President, Global Flexibles Division

Apprenticeship Program Employee Benefits

Sonoco’s Apprenticeship Program is registered with the U.S. Department of Labor.
We are committed to developing high-quality workers while meeting nationally recognized training standards.

Hands-On Education
Real-World Work Experience
Flexible Work Schedule
Friendly, Safe, & Inclusive Culture
Earn While You Learn
​​​​​​​(Competitive Pay)
100% of Tuition Paid Upfront (If in School)
Journey Worker Certification
​​​​​​​Upon Completion
Benefits listed above may vary depending on program. For questions or more information, please email

Learn More about Sonoco's Youth Apprenticeship Program

If you are interested in Sonoco’s Apprenticeship Program, or you are a high school or technical school representative and would like for Sonoco to visit your school, please contact us today.