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Our journey began in Hartsville, South Carolina over 100 years ago. Today we have over 300 facilities around the world and over 21,000 really great people on our team.

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innovation since 1899

We started with innovation.


In 1899 tools for textile were mostly made of wood. They were heavy and expensive. James Coker, our founder, devised a way to make yarn carriers made of paper. It had never been done before and was considered a novelty. The Southern Novelty Company was founded and put it's mark on the textile world.

Today we are a world leader in global packaging solutions with operations around the world in over 130 countries. We're extremely proud of our portfolio of brands, the awards we've won and all the amazing work by our people. People are what matter was a firm belief of James Coker and it is true in every part of our business today.

We invite you to explore working with us and consider joining our ‘family'. We think it's a great story. Welcome!

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116 Years of Success
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“The saga of the founding and expansion of Sonoco from a small, local enterprise in Hartsville to a worldwide manufacturing giant is a fascinating one. And throughout, it is a South Carolina story.” -Walter B. Edgar, author of South Carolina: A History-
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“We're great friends on and off the clock! We'll get together for lunch, we volunteer together, we'll grab a drink for happy hour…the list goes on.” -Padma Kapoor, HR Associate-
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The Sonoco family on and off the clock.
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From Addison to Zwevegem, we work everywhere.
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“The extent and reach of our global manufacturing and distribution is a marvel of logistics. I'd never seen anything quite like it before.” -Dylan Costanza, Supply Systems Coordinator-
“Good ideas are at the heart of everything we do. It's a culture of respect for that innovation, or supporting original thinkers, which in turn supports our communities and the world we live in.” -Emily Smith-
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We're a small town feel, all around the world.
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We think the best way to sum up career opportunities with us are to say that the values of teamwork, friendship and innovation are what make us the unique company we are today. We hope you consider a career with us.

If you are interested in hourly production opportunities, contact the Sonoco facility in your area.

We started with innovation.

At the turn of the 20th century, yarn carriers in the textile industry were mostly made of wood; they were incredibly heavy and expensive to produce. Curious to find a lighter, more efficient product, Sonoco founder James Coker developed yarn carriers made of paper, the first of its kind.

In 1899, he founded the Southern Novelty Company (SoNoCo). It not only revolutionized the textile industry but the entire way we look at products around the world.

Today we are a world leader in global packaging solutions with diversified operations in over 34 countries. We're extremely proud of our portfolio of brands, our achievements in sustainability and industrialization and the groundbreaking work accomplished by our people. “People Build Businesses” was a firm belief of James Coker and it is true in every facet of our business today.

Welcome! We invite you to explore working with us and joining our family.
Learn our story.

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From Addison to Zwevegem, we work everywhere.

With 12 different packaging businesses and over 340 global operations, the opportunities at Sonoco are endless. From retail packaging and plastics to graphics and displays, our diversified business units offer customized solutions for our customers from start to finish. Whether you're looking for a career in engineering, plant management or at our corporate headquarters, we have the right position for you almost anywhere in the world.

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Different perspectives, a common goal.

Our teams speak over 18 languages with 336 locations in 34 countries, serving 85 nations. As a growing global enterprise that thrives on innovation, we wouldn't be as successful without the unique, creative minds of our diverse work force. We constantly look for new ways to support personal and professional growth while inspiring a passionate Sonoco community around the world.

Our employees agree—once you join Sonoco, you're family. We love making new friends and having fun—both on and off the clock. From philanthropy to fantasy football, we enjoy the camaraderie and shared passions for what we do.

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A greener future, our mission

Sonoco's commitment to sustainability isn't just a promise, it's a mission. Every year Sonoco helps over 15,000 brands, manufacturers and communities recycle. We design new ways to shrink our environmental footprint and we've won awards for it. From creating environmentally conscious products to overseeing one of the largest recycling operations, being a green company is the world to us, literally.

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Taking care of our family comes first.

When we say we care about people, we mean it. From generous time-off benefits to competitive health coverage, Sonoco is dedicated to retaining extraordinary talent and ensuring its employees are the best they can be both at work and at home. With an emphasis on work-life management and safety, we've designed real benefits for the real world.

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Advice from a recruiter: Prime your application
 for success.

Applying for a position is never easy, but it's simpler than it looks. The first step is showing interest, which you can do just by browsing our site and learning more about us. Don't be shy in showing off your skills on your resume, either – impress us! Another important step of joining the Sonoco team is showing how you think you would fit as an employee and an active part of our culture. Do you love what we do? Spend time getting familiar with our values and how important they are to us. It's great to provide examples of how you've displayed those values in past experiences. Most importantly, be yourself. We're excited to get to know you!

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