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March 25, 2021

Sonoco’s Chillicothe, Missouri plant is brimming with growth and opportunity. With many team members, new and veteran, relocating to be part of this facility, now is a great time to consider joining the team. “I was recently given the opportunity to take on a role as a shift supervisor and relocate from South Carolina to Missouri. I am proud that I was able to take this opportunity with Sonoco,” stated Tony Outlaw, who has worked for the company since January 2019.

“The people are great and the pay is good,” remarked Gary Wimbush, a Process Technician who has been with the company for almost 10 years. “By far, it is the best job and best people I have ever worked with.”

Sarah Kercher, newly appointed Plant Manager and 17 veteran of the plant, is “proud of how much growth the plant has seen over the years and how I was a part of that. The facility had three production lines in operation when I started in 2003 and has been expanded several times since.  It is exciting to work for a company that makes good business decisions and is able to grow the operation. It provides career opportunities for the current employees and for the people in the community.”

While the company is growing and developing talent, it also emphasizes safety. Zachary Jacobs, a Production Supervisor, “enjoy(s) working for a safety-first company. Working for a company that values your health and welfare has been a great experience.” Jacobs added, “It’s one thing for a company to state their core values. It’s a whole different experience when a company actually practices their core values. Since my employment started with Sonoco, I’ve experienced nothing but integrity, respect, service, teamwork, and accountability. A safety-first environment that also values the opinions of the employees should keep attracting future team members.”

“Others should join the Sonoco Chillicothe team if they are looking to work for a great company,” summed up Kercher, “Sonoco continually shows how they care about their employees. The company provides excellent healthcare benefits, 401K, competitive wages, quarterly bonus, a career path that helps employees develop their skills, and many more employee perks. It is rare for a company to provide so many extras to their employees and it shows how important the employees are.”

If you would like to join the Sonoco Chillicothe family, text SonocoCH to 90206 or visit Find Jobs here on the website.



C. Snelling