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July 15, 2019

As declared by the United Nations in 2014, July 15 is celebrated as World Youth Skills Day.

Today we celebrate and highlight a group of students from the Darlington County Institute of Technology (DCIT) in Darlington, SC. This group of students earned the opportunity to learn from current Sonoco employees across the Hartsville campus. These students received apprentice/intern positions across functions including Production & Operations, Safety, Information Technology and Graphic Design.

Kristi Raines, the Global Lead for Talent Brand and University Relations, is currently mentoring Monia Cannon, a graphic design student from DCIT.  “The benefit of having someone like Monia here is the ability for us to have someone focus on working to build our talent brand portfolio with assets. In return, Monia gets practical learning experience and the freedom of being creative. Since Monia is specific to graphic design, this opportunity is enabling her to test what kind of graphic design career she would like to pursue in the future.”

Apprenticeship programs at the high school level are becoming more and more valuable as the skills gap continues to increase. Making an investment in our community to provide skills training and development is important to us for a number of reasons, whether it’s a positive economic impact, corporate responsibility initiative or striving to win the War for Talent. “Like many companies across the U.S., we want to create a pipeline of well-trained, skilled workers to grow with us,” said Roger Schrum, VP of Investor Relations and Corporate Communications.

We look forward to hearing their feedback at the end of their summer so we can continue to improve and build our relationship with DCIT. And we of course hope to be able to continue to work with these passionate, driven and engaged students for years to come.

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Youth Skills Day