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May 7, 2019

Meet Becky S., a Hartsville, S.C. native and Market Manager for Sonoco. Born and raised in the small community Sonoco calls home, Becky is what we like to call a boomerang. She began working at Sonoco right after graduating from college, left a few years later, for the bright lights and allure of a bigger city, yet always knew she’d find her way back when she was ready to settle down.  

“I even asked when I gave my notice, ‘Can I come back?’,” she said. 

After a few years later, she picked up the phone, “I called a few people I knew and within a few short months the right opportunity presented itself.  The key was that I still had relationships here. It’s why I wanted to come back, because people know who you are, they stay in touch and also because of the feeling of a very tight-knit network and family culture.”

In addition to the network of the people she’d stayed in touch with, there were a number of other pluses that made returning enticing, “You are given a lot of opportunities to grow and not just within your daily job. You can expand your expertise across the company through business resource groups like Sonoco Cares or the Diversity Council, where you’re given time out of your day to help serve the community.” 

She has found annual performance conversations with her manager are a big factor in her growth as well since it’s not all about the bottom line. “You have to meet certain objectives of course, but your managers ask ‘What do you want to do’?  What are you passionate about?” 

Passion and drive are just a few of the characteristics that make the generations of families and boomerangs here at Sonoco successful and will continue to be features we look for in our teammates as we look towards the next 120 years.