Maggie Braddock

Corporate Tax Analyst

What is your role at Sonoco?

I am part of the Corporate Tax team and serve as an analyst.

Why did you choose to work at Sonoco?

I was a summer intern working in Corporate Planning, which had a lot to do with my decision. Sonoco taught me what I was capable of.

Sonoco tax officeWhat value of Sonoco’s culture means the most to you?

During my internship, there were a few interns who were unable to return home on weekends because of the distance. I worked to show them just what the Sonoco family culture really means.

I had the opportunity to take a fellow intern to the South Carolina beaches, to show her that yes, we all work for Sonoco, but we still do things on the weekends, on week nights just to spend time together, to show that it’s a time away from work and it goes much further than just a typical work day.

What is it like to be a Young Professional at Sonoco?

Sonoco has a resource group for young professionals. The Sonoco Young Professionals host lunch and learns and other events each quarter. It’s an awesome opportunity to get to know other associates who are also new to the company but in different fields and functions. It’s neat to hear from other departments and learn from their experiences.

maggie braddock working in office