In Our Communities

Sonoco believes we have an inherent responsibility to help improve the quality of life in the communities in which we serve.

"Our employees know that at every performance review, they are not only evaluated on their numbers, but also on their values." - Sonoco President and CEO Jack Sanders


Volunteerism at Sonoco

Sonoco employees contribute time and talents to a multitude of worthy causes, including volunteering, serving on boards, raising funds and participating in other civic-oriented projects.

Sonoco Cares, an organization of volunteers created by Sonoco employees, continues to grow its philanthropic work, including mentoring young minds, volunteering at area soup kitchens, donating to the Harvest Hope Food Bank, building homes with Habitat for Humanity, adopting Christmas families, supporting the Humane Society and more.

How Employees Give Back

The Sonoco Foundation

The Sonoco Foundation, Sonoco’s philanthropic arm, donated approximately $3.0 million to 49 nonprofit agencies and programs in 2016. More than 70% went to education, including $205,000 in college scholarships to our employees, their family members and our community.

Sonoco's future starts in the classroom

As a company that never stops growing, Sonoco is always searching for the next generation of great innovators. It's never been easier to transition from school to headquarters – we provide the best training and opportunities for passionate, talented students. Whether it's through local partnerships with public schools or our co-op and summer college internship programs, we help our future leaders flourish.

+Career Areas

A World of Opportunity

Sonoco was founded in 1899 on the belief that People Build Businesses. We value our people and are committed to giving them every opportunity to use their talent, skill, passion and creativity to grow themselves, their careers and our Company.

  • Our employees rated Sonoco a 78% positive engagement score.
  • Our turnover rate remains low at 16%, and we retained 98% of exceptional and promotable talent.
  • AON Hewitt ranked Sonoco one of the top 25 global companies for leaders six consecutive times.
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    "Being able to mentor in local schools has been a great volunteer opportunity. I eat lunch with my mentee and her class once a week. It is by far the highlight of my day! I love that Sonoco has connected associates with local students to help keep them motivated and spend time with a professional they can look up to and trust."

    Ashli - Business Technology

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    "My favorite part about being a Sonoco volunteer is the convenience. It’s very easy for me to volunteer at the Soup Kitchen during my lunch break, and then be back in the office an hour later. Also, it’s a great opportunity to meet people outside of my department who I wouldn’t normally get the chance to interact with."

    Quinton - Corporate Finance

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    "I feel fortunate to work for a company that not only supports volunteering, but really encourages it, especially at the local level where it can have the greatest impact. Through volunteering, I have become more aware of the needs of others, more creative with ways to help and more thankful of my many blessings – including the friendships that have resulted from these activities. I have learned several new skills in the process, and let’s not leave out the health benefits of additional exercise while having fun."

    Peggi - Environmental Principal, Global Environmental Services

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    "Sonoco has helped me to volunteer by arranging the different opportunities to assist in our community.  They set everything into motion and all I have to do is volunteer and show up. I have served meals at the local food kitchen.  I have helped with small home projects for the elderly community members of our area.  My favorite experience has been spending time walking and loving on the dogs at the shelter."

    Jeff - Business Technology

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    "My favorite part about volunteering is serving other people. I also get to meet other Sonoco employees. Sonoco has helped by informing me of the needs and providing great communication regarding the latest opportunities that I might otherwise miss."

    Brian - Software Engineer

  • volunteer

    "When joining Sonoco, it was very important to me that the company I worked for support community engagement. To see Sonoco leadership support an employee-led initiative with a social mission played a crucial factor in developing my loyalty to Sonoco. It is so rewarding to see our dedicated Steering Team and countless eager volunteers get to know each other through selfless work, and it has helped me feel at home in Hartsville and within the company."

    Roxane - Marketing Specialist

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Need advice?

The community matters to us, so tell us what's important to you. Do you have a passion for sustainability? Did you volunteer with a particular organization? The best part about Sonoco is how we fuse our professional and individual interests, like volunteering for a specific cause or starting a recreational sports team. While having the right skills is crucial, expressing your unique passion can go a long way—and you never know, it could be your interviewer's passion too.

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