Ernest Haynes

Vice President and General Manager

What is your role at Sonoco?

I serve as Vice President and General Manager of Sonoco’s Rigid Paper and Closures business in North America.

How long have you worked at Sonoco?

I joined Sonoco 21 years ago, but it feels like yesterday that I started my career at our Memphis Regan Street facility as a third-shift supervisor. I was fortunate enough to be hired by Sonoco right out of college. Twenty-one years later, it’s great to be back in South Carolina at headquarters. It has been a great journey!

Why do you stay?

I’ve been fortunate enough to work for professionals who have put my interests ahead of their own. I think that really speaks to the kind of culture that binds Sonoco together. The people inside of the company make the company. By and large, the individuals I’ve had the opportunity to work with in my 20 plus years have been exceptional.

Ernest Haynes working

What do you value most about the culture of “development” here at Sonoco?

Sonoco will stretch what you think your capabilities are and get you outside of your comfort zone. I’ve been in the industrial business and on the operations side for the past three years, so I had no idea the opportunity might come to lead the RPC group.

The leadership group felt strongly enough about my overall leadership skills to give me a chance. And I certainly want to pay a dividend on the investment they made in me. Sonoco will give you opportunities to grow your footprint if you’ve done the right things along the way.