Elizabeth Rhue

National Accounts and Sustainability Manager

What attracted you to Sonoco?

In a way, Sonoco consists of multiple businesses within one business. You can be in a flexible packaging business or a recycling business. You might work in a consumer based business or in an industrial based business. You have opportunities across business units, across geographies, even across countries. That is a huge selling point.

What has your career journey at Sonoco looked like so far?

I began with Sonoco in 2005 as an R&D engineer for the Rigid Paper division. I was working on different projects for composite cans, then I moved into another technical role, focused on a specific account. I did a lot of work with the design and development of the Pringles can. In some capacity, I worked on that for about 10 years, gradually moving from a U.S. focus to a global focus. I was so fortunate to travel the world supporting that business in Asia and Europe. And I have now moved from supporting Rigid Paper into a whole new focus, managing our National Accounts team in Sonoco Recycling.

elizabeth rhue workingWhat do you enjoy most about the Sonoco culture?

Sonoco really feels like a family. I’ve had the opportunity to work with customers from many different companies. When they talk about their employers versus Sonoco, it makes me feel good to be part of the Sonoco family. We have such a great culture of doing the right thing, striking a balance between what’s good for the business and what’s good for our associates.

When I first started my job at Sonoco, after just a month, my grandmother passed away. Not one person in the building really knew me, except knowing I was the “new associate.” When I returned from the funeral, there was a sympathy card on my desk from the team. Somebody they barely knew, barely had interacted with at that point, thought enough of me to send me well wishes. I thought that just really spoke to Sonoco’s values and the family atmosphere. Everyone is looking after one another, from the bottom of the organization to the top.