Chris Hopper

Corporate Credit and Collections Manager

What is your role here at Sonoco?

I’m the Corporate Credit & Collections Manager.

What drew you to work at Sonoco?

Through the interview process, I saw that Sonoco was a company open to new ideas. I began with the company as Sonoco was completing an acquisition. I immediately took over AR responsibility for the acquisition, and it was the blank slate I was looking for. One of the biggest things we addressed in the interview was the ability for me to thrive without micromanagement. Sonoco really believes in utilizing your experience and what you know to let you create something. The company gave me autonomy. 

chris hopper working

How have you progressed at Sonoco?

I joined Sonoco about seven years ago as an analyst, then became a team lead. Today, I’m the Credit and Collections Manager. Sonoco examined my ideas and saw value in them. I put myself in a place of value, where I was viewed as indispensable. I took on the harder jobs, the ones people shied away from to create a situation where I could have the opportunity to stand out.

What advice would you give someone who’s looking to advance?

At Sonoco, if you work hard, you will be rewarded. Today, I lead a team of 13 people. When you work hard here, you will move forward. There are new projects and new career opportunities across the company.