Becky Skipper

Becky Skipper


What is your role at Sonoco?

I am part of the marketing team for the Consumer Packaging Division, specifically the Rigid Composite Can portfolio.

You are what we call a Sonoco ‘Boomerang’. What drew you back to Sonoco?

I was born and raised in Hartsville, just down the road from Sonoco headquarters. I always had a desire to work for Sonoco and was lucky enough to be hired right out of college. After leaving Sonoco and living in a few large cities, I held on to the opportunity to come back because of the Sonoco culture. The key was my relationships with colleagues. When I came back to Sonoco, I joined the Marketing and Business Development Team, and I’ve had multiple opportunities here since to work with a variety of businesses.

You mention Sonoco Culture. What do you enjoy most about it?

Sonoco’s Performance Management system requires you to meet certain objectives, but you also have some discretionary opportunities. Your manager wants to know what you are passionate about. There are opportunities to participate in groups like Sonoco Cares or the Diversity & Unity Council. For individuals who are passionate about learning other parts of the organization and want to meet new people while serving the business, there are many opportunities.

Becky Skipper working

Can you give us an example of how people get involved in the Diversity Unity council?

Our Diversity & Unity Council works to ensure all of Sonoco is a united team living the company’s values. Whether it is generational diversity or unconscious biases, we focus on key learning events. We recently hosted a book club focused on difference cultures and unconscious biases. It was extremely eye-opening. We utilized our technology here to engage and pull in associates at many other locations. It was very effective.